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Leasing Fee
This is the fee charged for finding and placing a resident in your home.
100% of one month's rent 100% of one month's rent 100% of one month’s rent
Monthly Management Fee
This is the fee charged for all of the ongoing work that we do in the day-to-day management of your home.
N/A 8% of the monthly rent
(only charged on the rent we collect)
11% of the monthly rent
(only charged on the rent we collect)
Custom Rental Analysis
We research and use the most recent rental data to determine the best rental price.
Included Included Included
High-Quality Property Photos Included Included Included
13 Point Applicant Screening Process
INCLUDES: income, employment, credit check, pre-qualifications, eviction check, landlord verification, sex offender check, public records, criminal background check, bankruptcy check, pet verification, credit history, social media
Included Included Included
Make-Ready Project Management
We oversee the entire MAKE-READY PROCESS for your property from minor repairs to final cleaning; and ensure the property meets all legal habitability requirements.
Included Included
Premium Marketing Package
A comprehensive marketing program to ensure your property is distributed to multiple marketing channels.
Included Included
Video Walk-Through Tour
Allows properties to be pre-advertised and toured online at any time.
Live Agent Phone Service
Our team of leasing experts works to answer questions, pre-qualify prospects, and set up showings for your property.
Included Included
Professional Pet Screening
We create a profile on every pet including type of pet, size, breed and vaccination history. We also verify the status of service animals and emotional support animals.
Included Included
Lease Preparation and Signing
Our lease is prepared by a trusted Illinois real estate attorney and includes multiple addendums to protect you and your residents.
Uses standard, four page, MORE
(Mainstreet Organization of Realtors)
Included Included
Move-in Condition Report
We document the condition of the property at move-in for the protection of both owner and resident.
Included Included
Move-in Coordination
We oversee the entire MOVE-IN PROCESS to ensure the resident feels comfortable in their new home.
Included Included
Utility Transfer Concierge
We offer a utility transfer concierge service, free of charge, to all new residents.
Included Included
24/7 Resident Maintenance Service
When emergencies happen, one of our team members is available 24/7 to take the call and respond accordingly.
Included Included
Maintenance & Invoicing Coordination
We provide our contractors with steady work & quick payments. As a result, we receive special pricing on most items and pass those savings onto our Owners.
10% up to a maximum of $100 per item 10% up to a maximum of $100 per item
Lease Enforcement
If something goes wrong, we are experienced in enforcing lease compliance.
Included Included
Annual Property Inspection
We look for lease violation issues and outstanding or preventative maintenance items. A report, including pictures, is provided to you.
Credit Bureau Reporting
Unlike many PM companies, we report both negative AND positive resident payments to credit bureaus monthly. This helps build resident credit scores and encourages the behavior of on-time payments from our residents.
Included Included
Eviction Services
Although an eviction is rare, when necessary, we are able to oversee this legal process.
Included Included
Lease Renewal Process
We prepare a market analysis and negotiate a lease renewal with the current resident. We take into account things like current market rate, the quality of the current resident, length of tenancy, and more. We never want to lose a great resident over a rent increase, so we balance rental income with resident retention. Over 75% of our residents renew their leases! This avoids the biggest expense you have as a landlord--TURNOVER!
$150 $150
HOA Point of Contact
We handle all HOA contact and communication.
Included Included
Move-out Condition Report
We document the condition of the property at move-out and coordinate any necessary repairs.
Included Included
Security Deposit Disposition at Move-Out
When the resident vacates, we handle the security deposit return, including withholding any necessary funds. We ensure compliance with the detailed Illinois laws that govern this process.
Included Included
Rent Collection
Residents are encouraged to pay using ACH, via their online tenant portal.
Included Included
Financial Activity
Detailed income and expense reports reflecting all financial activity may be accessed 24/7 through your online owner portal.
Included Included
ACH Owner Payments
We send your money directly to your bank account via ACH direct deposit.
Included Included
Year-End Financial Report
We provide you with a detailed year end statement that itemizes all expenses to help make tax time a breeze!
$40 $40
Tenant Placement Guarantee
If we place a tenant and they break their lease during the first 12 months, we will place a new tenant at no cost to you.
Included Included
Rent Deposit Guarantee
We know you want your money fast! So, we ACH your resident rent payment into your bank account between the 10th and 13th day of each month.
Included Included
Management Fee Guarantee
We believe that if we can't collect the rent, then we should NOT get paid. You only pay us a management fee if we successfully collect the rent due.
Included Included
Leasing Fee Guarantee
You don't pay us a leasing fee until we have a signed lease AND a deposit from the resident.
Included Included
Response Time Guarantee
Nobody likes waiting for a response. That is why we promise to respond to all communication within 24 hours Monday-Friday, and 48 hours on weekends and holidays.
Included Included
Legal Compliance Guarantee
Our lease agreements and management agreements are both reviewed and approved by our local Illinois attorney. We operate in compliance with the Fair Housing, Illinois Habitability and Application Screening laws.
Included Included
$1,000 Pet Damage Guarantee
If the resident's approved pet causes damage to the property, we will pay you up to $1,000 to cover the cost of repairs.
Included Included
$1,000 Eviction Guarantee
Our resident screening is so rigorous, we will personally reimburse you up to $1,000 in the event of eviction expenses.
Lost Rent Guarantee
If a resident that we’ve placed skips out on their lease or must be evicted, we will pay you the rent you are owed, up to $1,000 of lost income.
Property Damage Guarantee
If a resident that we've placed, moves out and causes damage to your property beyond normal wear and tear, we will cover the cost of repairs, up to $1,000.
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